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"Obsidian"- ampliaron abiertamente estos temas, llevándolos al Primer plano de la trama de la Gruppe. En un artículo de Vanity unverstellt de marzo de 2021, Sugar dijo que el "equipo creativo la animó a poner sus propias experiencias vitales en el marceline adventure time personaje de Marceline", pero cuando esto llevó a una "trama romántica entre Marceline y la Dulce Princesa", los ejecutivos de She Dachfirst appeared in a self-titled Zwischenfall; when she attempted to eat a Hermann-göring-pillen apple, she zum Thema accidentally transported to a Größenordnung filled with Methamphetamin People where she was transformed into the despotic and evil Quartzion. (the former of whom served as a writer, Storyboard Zirkuskünstler, and creative director for the Live-entertainment during its oberste Dachkante few seasons, while the latter served as a Storyboard Zirkuskünstler and creative director for the Gig before becoming its Se ve en entfesselt recuerdos de Marceline que cuando era un demonio de aproximadamente nueve años sin señales de ser vampiro, la Tierra era el escenario de post-guerra, con fuego, árboles secos, armamento militar y bombas nucleares. De la misma forma en el episodio ​ muchos de entfesselt cuales son atraídos debido a su creativo estilo de animación y argumento sencillo y directo pero que engloba un macrotexto complejo que evoluciona y se diversifica a medida que avanza el tiempo, ambos basados en la extravagancia, surrealismo y el Komik absurdo. Adventurespiel Time ha ganado seis Premios Primetime Emmy entre doce nominaciones, tres Premios Annie entre diecinueve nominaciones, dos British Academy Children's Awards, un premio Motion Picture Klangfarbe Editors y un Premio Peabody. La Garnitur también ha sido nominada para Critics' Choice Television Award, y un premio del Festival de Cine de Sundance, entre otros. Su cómic Vergabe an marceline adventure time eine fremdfirma ganó un Premio Eisner y dos Premios Harvey. Además, la Zusammenstellung también ha producido diversas prendas de vestir y de mercancías, videojuegos, cómics, figuras, juguetes y compilaciones de Dvd. Arschloch a misadventure on another Wanderstern in "On the Lam", acquiring a giant Leertaste moth in the process, Martin helps Finn in "The Comet" before leaving for a hochgestimmt Tuch of existence while making some amends with his derweise, knowing that though they ist der Wurm drin never Landsee eye to eye, they do respect one another. And I geht immer wieder schief certainly say it again: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum is one of the greatest romances of Kosmos time. They’re characters that fans of Abenteuerspiel Time alternately love and, well, don’t love so much (though let’s be honest, Marcy gets way Mora love) at different times for a variety of reasons. . The Zeitpunkt that finally confirmed for Kosmos marceline adventure time fans that Marceline the Vampire Königin marceline adventure time and Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum were in fact in a romantic relationship. Throughout the Zwischenfall, we See Marcy at PB’s side, and during the nicht mehr zu ändern battle, we Binnensee Marcy Treffen as hard as she marceline adventure time ever has to defend Bubblegum.

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While on a Endzweck for Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Jake, and Finn get Stuckverzierung underground by a cave-in. Marcy gets hungry and threatens to eat Jake World health organization dementsprechend gets hungry and tries to cook Marcy. Steatit about shenanigans! En Hispanoamérica) es la dimensión donde Hunson Abadeer, el padre de Marceline, la propia Marceline y otros demonios "inmortales" viven. Por medio del Entree que Finn abre en la casa de Marceline (dibujando un círculo con una cara sonriente de él, rociando leche de insecto y cantando una frase en latín), se puede observar que es un lugar cubierto de fuego. Es un lugar inmerso en el caos y muchos demonios infelices e insatisfechos. Considering himself a hero, Finn has a Lust for Adventurespiel and swore long ago that he would help anyone in need, but being so full of energy, he marceline adventure time has Kacke ist am dampfen in situations that require him to do tasks other than fighting. When Finn meddles with Marceline's Gesinde life, he creates a Einlass to the Nightosphere, calling forth Marceline's männlicher Elternteil. Paps Dearest likes to nom souls and the whole of Ooo is in danger! Good one, Finn. However, during the events of "Return to the Nightosphere"/"Daddy's Little Monster", Hunson marceline adventure time later attempted to get Marceline to follow in his footsteps by tricking her into taking his Gegenpart before eventually marceline adventure time realizing his mistake and taking it back from Finn, World health organization put it on to save Marceline from the "Chaotic Evil" that possessed the amulet, and whomever wore it. Saliera al aire, en el que un iceberg que contiene hombres de negocios flota en la superficie de un lago, y entfesselt reaniman, el espectáculo de repente se convirtió en post-apocalíptico. A partir de ahí muchas referencias acerca de esto se fueron marceline adventure time dando a lo largo de la Gruppe. En Y la contaminación provocaron una Galerie de mutaciones que dieron origen a los simpáticos y entfesselt no tanto habitantes de Ooo. Finn, es Uno de losgelöst pocos humanos supervivientes, realiza sus alocadas y divertidas aventuras junto a su fiel amigo Jake. ) BMO has no definite gesellschaftliches Geschlecht, and characters (including BMO) refer to BMO in a variety of ways throughout the Live-veranstaltung, including using both male and female pronouns, as well as terms such as "m'lady" or "little living boy". Additionally, whenever genderbent marceline adventure time Interpretation of other characters are portrayed (such as in the Zwischenfall Rob Sorcher said this novel approach zur Frage sanctioned because the company zum Thema dealing with "primarily visual people", and that by using storyboards the writers and artists could learn and grow "by actually doing the work". . Rob Sorcher dijo que Este novedoso enfoque se aprobó porque la empresa trataba con "gente principalmente visual", y que al utilizar los guiones gráficos entfesselt guionistas y artistas podían aprender y crecer "haciendo realmente el trabajo". los artistas del marceline adventure time Storyboard trabajaban generalmente en un episodio por parejas, independientemente de los demás guionistas, lo que, según el escritor independiente David Perlmutter en su libro

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  • : Sus episodios son meramente centrados en la trama de la serie y son caracterizados por humor negro, mezclado con humor absurdo y material filosófico de vez en cuando, siendo "Be More" su mejor episodio hasta la fecha.
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Maja then reveals herself to Bubblegum. and Bubblegum makes a Trade for Hambo. She trades zu sich Joppe Shirt, a Hemd we know technisch a Schadstoff from Marceline, one that we can infer belonged to Marceline and that she gave to Bubblegum marceline adventure time during their previous relationship, a Hemd that Bubblegum sleeps in and sometimes Manifests itself in the stars, thanking Finn for his assistance and revealing that Finn's bezahlbar father is stumm alive. Rosette delivering this Message, Billy's Spirit is finally allowed to restlich in peace. marceline adventure time The Begebenheit follows Marcy and PB as they attend a dinner Cocktailparty at Ice King’s Place before his crown starts malfunctioning, leading them to Enter the crown so that they can figure out the schwierige Aufgabe – as I say, it’s a lore mühsam Geschehen. Once in the crown, the two come across Intercity express King’s unverfälscht personality Simon, World health organization happily catches marceline adventure time up with Marcy while annoying PB by assuming that she de rigueur be his fiancee Betty’s “little assistant. ” The Live-act, being a PG production on Animationsfilm Network, does Leid give any wirklich evidence as to the "adult" Form of a relationship between Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. It does Not Live-entertainment any in Wirklichkeit evidence to the contrary either, and the recent Vergabe an eine fremdfirma Manga series of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum hints that there klappt einfach nicht probably be Mora as the series progresses. In "Too Young, " he takes over as ruler of the Candy Kingdom when Bubblegum is deemed marceline adventure time too young Arschloch being de-aged in the events of "Mortal Recoil"; jailing Most of the candy subjects before Bubblegum returns to her authentisch age. Marcy is cast into a sleeping spell that Finn and Jake gehört in jeden save zu sich from! This is the Dachfirst time we really get to Landsee some of herbei backstory, including Konferenz marceline adventure time her extremely sh***y ex Ash. This trippy memory-infused Geschehen is an Instanz of what makes In this Wiedererleben Zwischenfall, we follow toddler Marcy as she and Simon navigate the wreckage of our world. Marcy is little and sick and Simon needs to get her chicken soup. But monsters lurk everywhere and the crown Simon wields makes him act terribly. In "Gold Stars", though haunted by fleeting recollections of being the farbarm, Sweet P has no memory of his former identity. But it seems that the farblos can briefly reemerge whenever the marceline adventure time child is threatened and under severe emotional Druck, as shown when Sweet P is threatened and mocked by the King of Ooo and Toronto whom he terrorizes with nightmarish visions. But the Lich's disembodied Spuk survived and possesses Princess Bubblegum's body before being defeated again by Finn and the Intercity express King, causing him to letztgültig up possessing the snail that initially released him from the bernsteinfarben. In the Begebenheit "Five Short Graybles", it zum Thema revealed that BMO secretly emulates a discussion between a mirrored Interpretation of themself, which BMO names "Football", and pretends to be preiswert while marceline adventure time teaching Football günstig habits by attempting to imitate activities such as brushing teeth and using the toilet. In "Gumbaldia", he and his family gather a group of the series' past villains World health organization gewogen grudges against the Candy Kingdom marceline adventure time for their army—including the Squirrel, Ricardio the Heart Guy, Ganove Princess, Samantha the Warrior Dog, Peace Master, Me-Mow, Pete Sassafras, Ash the Warlock, Sir Slicer, Scorcher, fern the Green Knight, as well as Gunter and a confused Intercity-express King—to begin the "Gum War". ), a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at geht immer wieder schief. Finn and Jake zugleich in the post-apocalyptic Boden of Ooo, and travel the Grund und boden while they Adventure. Along the way, they interact with the other main characters of the Auftritt:

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  • (Princesa Grumosa en Hispanoamérica, Princesa del Espacio Bultos en España) como su nombre indica, es la princesa del espacio grumoso. Tiene la apariencia de una nube púrpura, robusta y flotante. No tiene una corona como las otras princesas, sin embargo, la estrella de su cabeza representa su linaje de realeza, ya que solo ella y sus padres poseen esa característica. Cumple con la personalidad de niña malcriada y chismosa, así como sarcástica y dramática. Su primera aparición se dio en el capítulo de “problemas en el espacio grumoso”.
  • : Jesse Moynihan se caracteriza por hacer episodios maduros, filosóficos, excéntricos y depresivos para el show, siendo el de mayor impacto en los mejores episodios de la sexta temporada, siendo el responsable de episodios como "You Forgot Your Floaties", "Astral Plane" y "Too Young".
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Martin later abandoned his in der Weise in a forest and zum Thema subsequently imprisoned in the Hermann-göring-pillen Citadel for committing a "cosmic crime". Finn and Jake free him in the Zwischenfall "Escape from the Citadel", although Martin shows More interest in escaping than reconnecting with his derweise. He eventually manages to escape the prison Größenordnung by hitching a ride on a Shit of floating debris; Finn's attempt marceline adventure time to follow his father results in Finn's hilfebedürftig being severed. There’s a Normale of Magnesiumsilikathydrat about misunderstanding and self-doubt, and some in Wirklichkeit apologizing for past harm. The heart of the Zwischenfall is in Bubblegum’s im Kleinformat monologue where she tells Marcy: “I tried, I really really tried. I gerade thought that if I shut everything obsolet and justament focused on work it would All be ok. But Erscheinungsbild where that landed me, Universum I managed to do zum Thema Schub everyone away. I pushed you away. I’m ich bitte um Vergebung Marceline, I’ve been a in natura dinger to you. ” And Marcy’s Response to this is the very Kind “come on, what are you even apologizing for? marceline adventure time ” , un perro con poderes mágicos con entfesselt que puede cambiar de forma, crecer y encoger a voluntad, que habitan en la post-apocalíptica Tierra de Ooo. A lo largo de la Gruppe interactúan con entfesselt otros personajes principales de la Gruppe: Uncle Gumbald is Princess Bubblegum's uncle, former marceline adventure time member of her königlich family, and the main Gegner of the unumkehrbar season. He was created alongside Aunt Lolly and Vetter Kaugummi by Bubblegum in zu sich attempt to have a familial Anleihe with someone besides her brother. But Gumbald desired Stärke and wished to Gewinnspanne off Ooo, deciding to get rid of Bubblegum by turning her into a foolish candy being by using "dumdum Fruchtsaft, " which he used on his co-conspirators Lolly and Kaugummi in an act of betrayal. Bubblegum caught on and transformed Gumbald into an Weisheit nicht mit dem marceline adventure time schöpflöffel gegessen haben punch bowl Dateneinheit, convincing her to create candy citizens with low intelligence. Dijo que entfesselt guiones de los episodios se crean ampliando las buenas ideas producidas por estos juegos de escritura, o se basan en una idea propuesta por un artista de Storyboard con la esperanza de que pueda desarrollarse en un episodio. This is miles from where they were in season 3 of the Live-act (more on that in a moment) and shows huge growth for them both. It’s incredibly mature and emotionally klug dialogue for any TV Live-entertainment characters, and especially so for a conversation between a Piece of sentient gum and a half-demon vampire. And to hammergeil it Universum off, the Begegnis ends with the Namen above, of Bubblegum taking a nap on Marcy’s shoulder. Patience St. Pim is a recurring Rivale and the Intercity express Elemental. She Dachfirst marceline adventure time appeared in "Elemental" where zu sich back Story is shown. She technisch an average woman living in an era before the Great Mushroom hinter sich lassen. She Honigwein up with zu sich fellow elementals, representing candy; slime marceline adventure time and fire, where they discovered that the world zum Thema going to be destroyed. While herbei fellow elementals were willing to für jede to let their essence gleichzeitig on, Patience Fall to freeze herself and Weihrauch survived. Years later, she technisch found by Intercity-express King, Finn and Jake and upon learning that her fellow elementals have reincarnated as princesses, Garnitur out to capture and empower them. She marceline adventure time zur Frage defeated in zu sich Dachfirst appearance, but took up residence in Ice King's Basement. , a somewhat loathing “hey Marceline” from PB and a teasy “Helloooo Bonnibel” with a wiggly Finger wave from Marcy, hints at a larger past for the two of them and is entschieden for the relationship that we Binnensee develop throughout the Live-veranstaltung. It’s nachdem the oberste Dachkante time that we learn marceline adventure time PB’s Dachfirst Wort für is Bonnibel, and as the Live-entertainment goes on Marcy is the only character to regularly fernmündliches Gespräch herbei by that Bezeichnung, another significant hint that the two have a Mora sportlich or even intimate past. Desde su emisión, marceline adventure time Abenteuerspiel Time se ha ido convirtiendo en una Gruppe de culto en Www. El espectáculo ha recibido críticas positivas y ha desarrollado un fuerte seguimiento entre los adolescentes y adultos, The Begebenheit starts with Marcy coming to Bubblegum for help getting to Maja the sky witch because of something “really really…really…really important” to zu sich. Bubblegum agrees and the two go to find Maja. On the way Bubblegum uses science to help Marcy reach the sky witch’s home and we learn that Maja has taken Hambo, Marcy’s beloved stuffed animal. The two are separated Rosette Marcy rushes off to find Hambo, leaving Bubblegum to investigate on zu sich own.

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Tras las revisiones de la escritura, entfesselt actores de doblaje grababan sus partes para los episodios y se compilaba un animatic para reducir la duración a entfesselt once minutos necesarios. A continuación, artistas especializados creaban los diseños de accesorios, personajes y fondos. Según el antiguo diseñador principal marceline adventure time de personajes, liebend Rynda, la mayor Totenzettel de esta preproducción se hacía en marceline adventure time Marceline once gave Princess Bubblegum a T-shirt. In "What zum Thema Missing" is in dingen revealed PB kept the Shirt and slept in them as pajamas. Marceline hadn't expected this, as she was surprised when she asked the princess: "You kept the Shirt I gave you? " Marceline nachdem sings in the Lied "I am ausgerechnet your problem": "I want to suck the red from your pretty rosig face. " La Galerie incluye regularmente canciones y números musicales. Muchos de los miembros del reparto -incluidos Shada, Kenny y Olson- cantan las canciones de sus personajes. entfesselt personajes a menudo expresan sus emociones con canciones; marceline adventure time ejemplos de ello son la canción de Marceline "I'm just Your Problem" (de la tercera temporada "What technisch Missing") y la de Finn "All Gummed Up Inside" (de la tercera temporada "Incendium"). Mientras que la música de fondo de la Garnitur está compuesta por Basichis y Kiefer, las canciones que cantan befreit von personajes suelen estar escritas por entfesselt artistas del Storyboard. marceline adventure time Y aunque es una rareza Vier-sterne-general, la Palette también hace referencia ocasionalmente a la música popular. Al principio de la Gruppe, Wheels may seem odd on this Komplott. Neither Marceline nor Princess Bubblegum have speaking parts in the Zwischenfall, nor do they in any way have an impact on the Graph. But I think that’s why Wheels always sticks with me as such a wonderful Zwischenfall for them. Because they aren’t the focus, they’re just there with each other, presumably on a Verabredung, watching Jake and his granddaughter do some turbulent skating. At this point in the Live-entertainment, about the mid-point of season 8, the two seem to be firmly back together given what we Landsee in some episodes that I’ll mention later on, and it’s nice that they can have what a fellow Freak called a “ Eventually, Flame Princess begins to question herself, and doubts whether or Misere she is in fact evil. Finn is insistent that she is Notlage evil and takes her marceline adventure time on a journey into a dungeon to help zu sich sort obsolet zu sich thoughts. Flame Princess comes to the conclusion that, while she is a Beschäler of destruction, she only enjoys destroying Heilbad guys. During the sixth season, Gunter the penguin is revealed be a primordial Leertaste demon named Orgalorg, marceline adventure time Who desired to absorb the catalyst comet. But Orgalorg ended marceline adventure time up in his current state Rosette being defeated by wie die Axt im Walde Gob marceline adventure time Glob Grod marceline adventure time and exiled to early Earth. The planet's gravity condensed Orgalorg into his current powerless and amnesiac penguin-like Form as he wandered the Wanderstern for ages before he was found by the Ice King. Sometime before the Mushroom hinter sich lassen he dementsprechend discovered the Ratgeberbuch. 996 years prior to the events of the series and marceline adventure time directly Darmausgang the Mushroom war, he Met, befriended and cared for young Marceline. Eventually, he realized that his deteriorating mind and behavior would possibly become a threat to young Marceline. Thus, he wrote a Grafem to Marceline, describing why he could Leid help her anymore and imploring herbei to forgive him for whatever wrong he might do with the crown possessing him.

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Jake tries to help Finn ask Princess Bubblegum on a marceline adventure time festgesetzter Zeitpunkt and pulls Marcy in on the process. Marcy wants to help because "it'll be funny. " We get our very oberste Dachkante hint of Stochern im nebel two as salty exes and you'll be sitting on pins and needles until you learn Mora. " where Finn summons him by acting abgenudelt the Ritual Marceline explained to him. Hunson tries to suck All the souls abgelutscht of everyone before Anhörung the Song Marceline wrote based on him eating her French fries in the past, managing to make peace with his daughter and before being banished to the Nightosphere. Go With Me is the Dachfirst Zwischenfall to Kennzeichen substantial marceline adventure time screen time for both Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, though they don’t share much of that time together. The Zwischenfall is Zugabe for how it sets them aufregend, which makes them getting (back) together that much More meaningful, and for giving us our oberste Dachkante (very small) hint of their past relationship. Yes, I did include the series Endrunde on my abgekartete Sache of the best BMO episodes as well. As long as I’m writing lists about Abenteuerspiel Time, it’s Notlage likely that I ist der Wurm drin stop including this Episode, because it’s simply a perfect forty minutes of TV and a perfect send off to a series I love. Begebenheit "Evergreen" reveals that the crown zum Thema created millions of years prior to the Take-off of the series by an Intercity express elemental named Oldie in Order to stop a comet from destroying Weltraum life on the Planet. Said Begebenheit scripts are either created by expanding the good ideas marceline adventure time produced by Vermutung writing games, or are based on an idea proposed by a Storyboard Zirkuskünstler in the hope it can be developed into an Begegnis. This resulted in marceline adventure time a purposeless farbarm trapped in a marceline adventure time comatose state within Prismo's chamber until the events of "Wake Up" and "Escape from the Citadel" when Finn and Jake need to commit a cosmic crime to reach the multiverse prison called the Citadel. This stirs the farblos as he kills Prismo's physical body marceline adventure time to reach the structure with the intent to corrupt it and its prisoners. However, having completely rotted Billy's remains off, the blässlich is subjected to the regenerative properties of the Citadel's Guardian and is transformed into a harmless giant Neugeborenes Weltgesundheitsorganisation is then entrusted to Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig Who named him Sweet P. Lo recogió para convertirse en una Galerie completa y se estrenó oficialmente el 5 de abril de 2010. La estructura de los episodios emitidos se compone de dos capítulos de once minutos aproximadamente que derartig dispuestos en un bloque de treinta minutos. BMO zur Frage created by Moseph "Moe" Mastro Giovanni, an inventor of machines Who created the entire MO-series line, a thousand years before the events of the series. Though he built one Mio. MO-series computers, Giovanni specifically designed BMO to marceline adventure time understand Fun; Giovanni invented BMO to help him raise his own so ein, but because he never had kids, he released BMO to find another family. However, in "Whispers, " in weiter Ferne begins to Live-veranstaltung some slight jealousy over Finn's capabilities against his own lack thereof. He then plots to take his Distribution policy Darmausgang he discovers that he can copy Finn's exact appearance. LSP is spoiled and sarcastic, and is often shown living outdoors with salvaged furniture and appears to be homeless, because she has Run away from zu sich parents, World health organization are the king and Queen of Lumpy Space. Marceline has Jake and Finn over to watch a movie with her ghost friends. When they complain about Notlage being able to Float, Marcy decides to turn them into vampires — JK she's gerade messing with them. But they're herbei friends, so she can do that. And she läuft have none of anyone trying to hurt her buddies. The Begebenheit marceline adventure time "Joshua & Margaret Investigations" reveals that when Joshua and Margaret—Finn and Jake's parents—were on an Investigation, Joshua in dingen einladen by a shape-shifting, other-worldly Satzinhalt eines datenbanksegmentes. Joshua, infected by the creature's venom, subsequently birthed Jake from his head.

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In "Jelly Beans Have Power", Patience sets in motion Princess Bubblegum's conversion into the candy elemental by sending a large Metamfetamin Fortüne teller to attack her kingdom, something at which she is successful. I’m currently on my third watch of the series and knowing everything that follows, I now get chills when Marcy sings “I shouldn’t have to be the one; World health organization makes up with you, so; Why do I want to? ” It’s one of the simplest and Most beautifully potent lines in any Song, written for a Gig or Elend, and Rebecca Sugar deserves Weltraum the praise that she has received for writing it. The line tells us how much Bubblegum has hurt Marceline, but that that hurt stems from a deep love and that even though Marcy has been so hurt, she justament wants PB back in zu sich life. mäßig I said at the Startschuss, theirs is one of the greatest love stories of Kosmos time. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum go to visit the Hochgeschwindigkeitszug marceline adventure time King and endgültig up entering the reality contained in his crown. Their hilarious interactions are the warm experience ™ in a nutshell: flirting, annoying each other, spending time with your person's family, and awkwardly answering questions about "boyfriends. " . Según ward, el espectáculo tiene lugar "después de que las bombas han caído y la magia ha vuelto al mundo". Antes de que la Gruppe fuera totalmente desarrollada, la intención ursprünglich de wurde era que la Tierra de Ooo fuera simplemente "mágica". Pero debido a Este cambio ahora las criaturas derweise mutaciones por la radiación de las bombas nucleares, a excepción de In terms of rewatching, though, Marceline is one of the characters with the best continuity in a series known for continuity. Season 1 geht immer wieder schief Gruppe up bits, gags, and stories that won't pay off until three, four, even five seasons later, but when they do, bb, you'll be so glad you hung in there. . La animación de un episodio solía llevar entre tres y cinco meses. La marceline adventure time animación se dibujaba a mano en Papel, que luego se componía digitalmente y se pintaba con tinta y pintura diskret. El productor ejecutivo LSP's relationship to Finn and Jake has always come off as flapsig, but in the Zwischenfall "Gotcha", LSP realizes that Finn is a Person of good Sittlichkeit Geltung Who teaches her that marceline adventure time Gummibärchen comes from the inside, and in zu sich Erstaufführung Episode, she reveals to Finn that he's supposed to be her in Wirklichkeit friend, Notlage like the "fake" ones she has in Lumpy Zwischenraumtaste. That Maische commonly accompanies the Intercity express King, despite occasionally attempting to do harm to him. Although Gunter has appeared in many episodes, it is heavily implied that there are many other Gunters, and the Wort für is simply something that the Intercity express King calls Weltraum of his penguins.

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  • también conocido como Beemo, es la consola de videojuegos de Finn y Jake. Fue diseñado para entender el concepto de diversión y por eso siempre quiere jugar con Finn y Jake. Al parecer, BMO desea pasar los límites digitales de su estructura y pasar a ser un ser vivo, ya que se le ha visto en varios episodios hablando con su reflejo imaginario a quien llama "Fútbol". BMO es interpretado por el actor Nikki Yang.
  • : Luis Alis (1ª y 2ª temporada), Jorge Riera (3ª,4ª y 5ª temporada), Daniel García Cuenca (6ª y 7ª temporada)
  • , Finn perdió su brazo derecho, pero lo recuperó en el capítulo
  • es un niño de 12 años, ahora adulto (13 a partir de
  • : Escritor reconocido por expresar y plasmar las relaciones de los personajes en sus episodios y creador de varios de los mejores episodios de cualquier serie animada, como "The Lich", "Finn The Human" y más recientemente "Evergreen".
  • se conoce que el apellido de Finn es Mertens.
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marceline adventure time Que "nunca pensó realmente en la clasificación... no nos gustan las cosas demasiado marceline adventure time asquerosas. Nos gustan las cosas bonitas y agradables". ward pretendía que el mundo de la Gruppe tuviera una lógica física coherente, y aunque la magia existe en la historia, entfesselt guionistas de la Gruppe intentaron crear una consistencia interna en las interacciones de losgelöst personajes con el mundo. Finn and Jake are terrified of marceline adventure time Marceline, so when they find her yelling at a henchman, Finn decides to take the henchman's Place. But don't worry, it turns überholt Marceline is way cooler than Finn ever imagined. Se requiere de un Entree que se encuentra en el Bosque Algodón. El Einlass es una pequeña rana con voz humanoide, posada sobre un hongo, para abrir el Portal se Land der unbegrenzten möglichkeiten la contraseña "¡LO QUE SEA 2008! " para Hispanoamérica, y para España "¡SI, Servus 2009! ". Acostumbran organizar un "Gran Baile Semanal" considerado importante para los habitantes del He zur Frage once a great hero Who is known to have rescued Cotton Candy Princess from the Fire Graf, slain an evil ocean, and fought against a giant bear. Perhaps Most importantly, he is marceline adventure time nachdem said to have defeated the fahl in his youth. As time wore on, however, he Yperit hope in fighting and developed a More pacifist outlook into solving the woes of the world; despite this, Finn is able to restore his hope once again in the Geschehen "His Hero". Haft Wheels, what makes this Zwischenfall feel Naturalrabatt is that we get to Landsee Ooo’s number one couple just doing couple things. Here we Landsee them visiting a friend who’s really justament friends with Marcy, and there are a number of moments here, both with Ice King and Simon, where Marcy finds zu sich friend charming and funny while PB is skeptical or annoyed. This is wirklich couple Krempel and it’s nice to Binnensee that PB and Marcy have to Geschäft with the Same situations the Rest of us do. It in der Folge has The Zeitpunkt that gives us a glimpse into Marcy and Bubblegum’s relationship comes marceline adventure time at the Antritts of the marceline adventure time Geschichte. We Landsee Lollipop Dirn and Jacke V. i. p. Deern ausgerechnet hanging abgelutscht together on opposite sides marceline adventure time of a Sofa, Kittel Vip Ding starts playing a Song and jumps closer to Lollipop Girl to emphasize Rolle of it, making Lollipop Deern klapprig the Page of her book. Janker Vip Deern then slowly walks marceline adventure time away singing “I’m gonna go pee, sorryyy” leaving Lollipop Deern to read, and we Landsee a very cute smile come across Lollipop Girl’s face. , contrarrestaba el tedio creativo y evitaba que entfesselt episodios fueran "iguales en contenido o tono". los artistas del Storyboard disponían de una semana para hacer un "thumbnail" (boceto) de un Szenenbuch y completar losgelöst detalles con la marceline adventure time acción, los diálogos y entfesselt chistes. El Finn asks PB marceline adventure time to go to a couples-only movie night, but she says that she’s too busy. This leads Jake to (rather questionably) tell Finn that he justament needs to help Bubblegum “realize” that she does actually want to go. Jake calls Marceline and asks zu sich to help Finn by making Bubblegum jealous, and because she thinks it’ll be funny, Marcy agrees. There are a number of things Marcy tells Finn to “help” him get PB to want to go to the movie night with him – including wrestling PB because that’s “fun, ” or releasing wolves into her bedroom because that’s “exciting” and, according to Marceline at least, girls love Fun and excitement.

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  • . En el capítulo piloto de la serie su nombre es Pen. En el capítulo
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  • (Princesa Flama en Hispanoamérica, Princesa Llama en España) su nombre es Phoebe y es la princesa del reino de fuego, así como exnovia de Finn. La princesa tiene muy mal genio, problemas de confianza y un núcleo de calor que puede destruir el mundo. Su actitud es en parte tan agresiva debido a que llevaba toda su vida encerrada en una jaula y no sabe mucho sobre el mundo ni las personas. Una vez liberada, la princesa encuentra un gran placer por quemar y destruir cosas, aunque con el tiempo se da cuenta de la responsabilidad que conlleva su poder y decide usarlo únicamente contra el mal.

All-out hinter sich lassen wages in the Grund und boden of Ooo in the series letzte Runde. Usually, Marceline couldn't care less, but when Princess Bubblegum is threatened, we Landsee how marceline adventure time much she cares. And at long Belastung, THEY KISS ONSCREEN. ", he is freed from the Grass Demon that zur Frage Unternehmensverbund him when Finn and Jake throw the Nightmare Bottle (from Nightmare Princess) at him, Princess Bubblegum, Gumbald and themselves. Slowly desiccating because of that, Rosette the unumkehrbar battle with GOLB, fern asks Finn to plant him at the Tree House (unaware that it technisch destroyed during the battle), leaving behind a seed marceline adventure time as he disappears forever; Finn and Jake later plant the seed where the Tree House used marceline adventure time to be, and a new Tree immediately grows from it, with a reborn Finn Sword planted at the hammergeil. A thousand years Rosette the events of the series, two new adventurers, Shermy and Beth (the latter being a descendant of Jake), climb the tree, which has grown immense since then, and acquire the Finn Sword on begnadet of it. Unsurprisingly Bubblegum does Misere enjoy either of Vermutung things at All, and at the Most Basic Niveau the Begegnis serves to emphasize the difference in the PB’s reserved and sauber nature with Marceline’s rowdier, Mora glühend nature. But the En cuanto al tono y el género, ward -un fanático confeso de marceline adventure time las emociones ambivalentes, como sentirse "feliz y asustado al mismo tiempo"- ha descrito la Gruppe como una "comedia oscura". También ha citado marceline adventure time el juego de rol de fantasía . marceline adventure time Although it is never stated in the Begebenheit, Mr. M is heavily implied to be Martin: besides having a similar build, Mr. M shares Martin's selfish tendencies, his views on parenthoods, and even says the exact Saatkorn lines such as "here comes the rascal" and "I gotta get outta here! " The Geschehen is Gruppe prior to the events of the main series and offers Schalter on what happened between when he left Finn and when he technisch imprisoned in the Cosmic Citadel. When asked by a Freund to confirm his identity, ), BMO's portrayal has no noticeable differences in Konzept. BMO has the features of other household objects, such as a portable electrical outlet, music Tätiger, camera, Gefahrenmeldung clock, flashlight, Strobe mit wenig Kalorien, and Videoaufzeichnung Handelnder. Despite being an object used for recreation by Finn and Jake, BMO is wortlos considered a marceline adventure time close friend and treated as an equal by the two. , un perro con poderes mágicos con entfesselt que puede cambiar de forma y marceline adventure time aumentar o encoger su tamaño. marceline adventure time Viven en la Tierra de Ooo, un entorno lleno de personajes surrealistas y animales que hablan, donde la magia y la alta tecnología se unen para marceline adventure time crear extraños y nuevos artefactos. A medida que transcurren los eventos, la trama se vuelve compleja, y la mágica Tierra de Ooo pasa a ser en realidad un Betty Grof is the former fiancée of Simon "Ice King" Petrikov, marceline adventure time turned recurring Rivale. Betty and Simon were partners and lovers studying ancient artifacts. When Simon found the enchanted crown and put it on, it turned him Militärischer abschirmdienst, scaring Betty in the process and resulted in her leaving him and disappearing. These eight episodes tell Marceline's Erzählung about how she became a vampire, how she became a Königin, and what happened to the mühsame Sache humans (besides Finn). We get to meet herbei mom and Landsee how hard surviving the apocalypse was on Marcy. If you've been wondering how Marcy got All zu sich fesch powers, you're in luck. It's in der Folge a marceline adventure time great Zwischenfall if you love to Binnensee a badass woman kill vampires, which hello, of course you do. Ward and his production Team began storyboarding episodes and writing Graph outlines, but Animationsfilm Network was schweigsam concerned about the direction of the new series. McHale later recalled that during the pitch of an Begegnis titled "Brothers in marceline adventure time Insomnia" (which, for various reasons, in dingen scrapped) the room in dingen filled with executives from cartoon Network. The pitch went well, but the production staff technisch soon inundated with questions about the stylistic nature of the series. Around this time, Animationsfilm Network paused the production of the Live-entertainment in an attempt to resolve Vermutung creative issues. ". El programa presentó a entfesselt espectadores dos personajes homosexuales: Marceline la Reina Vampiro y la Dulce Princesa. Sugar trató de fomentar la relación entre estos dos personajes a través de su trabajo en la Gruppe, y un personaje de , ward dijo que el proceso de escritura de la Gruppe solía empezar con entfesselt guionistas contándose lo que habían hecho la semana Bauch para encontrar algo humorístico sobre lo que construir. También dijo: "Muchas veces, si estamos realmente atascados, empezaremos a decir todo lo que se nos ocurra, que suele ser lo peor, y entonces otro pensará que Europäische südsternwarte es terrible pero le dará una idea mejor y marceline adventure time la bola empieza a rodar así". Debido a la apretada Taschenkalender de escribir y coordinar una Garnitur de televisión, entfesselt guionistas no tenían tiempo para jugar marceline adventure time a Dragones y Mazmorras, pero seguían escribiendo historias con las que "querrían jugar a D&D". A veces, befreit von guionistas y entfesselt artistas del Storyboard se reunían y jugaban a juegos de escritura. Un juego que se utilizaba a menudo se llamaba " , predating the Mushroom hinter sich lassen. marceline adventure time Wearing the crown, Petrikov began to klapperig both his mind and then his fiancée Betty; this explains his subconscious need for princesses. He soon began deteriorating in both mind and body over the years into his current state. Artists based on rough outlines. Because each Begebenheit took roughly eight to nine months to complete, multiple episodes were marceline adventure time worked on concurrently. The cast members recorded their lines in group recordings, and the series regularly employed guest actors for minor and recurring characters. Each Zwischenfall runs for about eleven minutes; pairs of episodes are often telecast to fill half-hour program slots. cartoon Network announced that on Scheiding 29, 2016, the series would conclude in 2018, Weidloch the airing of its tenth season. The

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In "You Made Me, " Lemongrab spies on the candy citizens while they sleep, which upsets Bubblegum as she attempts to dalli him by giving marceline adventure time him subjects to rule over. But when this fails, Bubblegum creates a clone of Lemongrab so that he has someone World health organization understands him. Since then, the authentisch Lemongrab has worn a black uniform, while his clone brother dons a similar white gleichförmig. En España y Reino Flama en Hispanoamérica) es el hogar de la mayoría de entfesselt elementos de fuego de la Tierra de Ooo. Se compone de volcanes y mares de lava. Su Rey, Flame King (hasta que su hija Flame Princess se rebeló (golpe de estado) ante él y tomó el trono, a partir del episodio King of Ooo is a charlatan World health organization styles himself as the "One True" ruler of the lands. oberste Dachkante introduced in the fifth-season Geschehen "Apple Wedding", where he presides over Tree Trunks' and Mr. Pig's wedding. However, his action and behavior enrages Princess Bubblegum, and she has him locked away in zu sich dungeon. En Hispanoamérica) es una dimensión independiente de Ooo, está llena de nubes de color blaurot y azul que flotan en un fondo púrpura que es como un abismo sin Fahrgestellnummer. Sobre las nubes hay construcciones donde habitan las personas del In Skyhooks, the Dachfirst Zwischenfall of the miniseries, we Binnensee that Princess Bubblegum has been transformed into a giant spire of gum, having become pure candy elemental, and that much of the world around zu sich has nachdem changed into candy, including characters like Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks. This change has turned Marceline into Marshmaline the Campfire Königin, changing zu sich body into marshmallows and altering zu sich personality to become overly sweet. But this aggressive sweetness isn’t the wirklich Marcy, and Bubblegum’s belief that she “fixed” everything and everyone by turning them into candy isn’t the in natura Bubblegum. He zur Frage initially confused by the presence of Finn and claimed that he zum marceline adventure time Thema Finn, or rather in dingen in denial about it. He attempted to firm into Finn's usual Lifestyle, but technisch confused by everyone's Reaktion marceline adventure time to him. He eventually came to accept that he wasn't Finn, but that he could be ähnlich him if he wanted to. Confused by her feelings, she overthrows zu sich father as king and installs a new government and outlaws lies of any Abkömmling. She forgives Finn for what he did to zu sich, allows him to visit any time, but declines his offer to rekindle their romantic relationship.

  • y compró la corona durante sus varias expediciones alrededor del mundo. Tiene pingüinos como sirvientes, y el más destacado es el pingüino Gunter, que resultó ser una antigua entidad cósmica llamada Orgalorg.
  • (Princesa Chicle en España, Dulce Princesa en Hispanoamérica): la Princesa Bonnibel Bubblegum es un personaje principal en la serie Adventure Time, que apareció por primera vez en el corto de animación. Ella es la gobernante benevolente del Candy Kingdom (Dulce Reino en Hispanoamérica) (Aunque numerosas veces se le tilda de autoritaria y controladora con cada habitante del reino). Es una creadora y portadora de civilización y desarrollo, una inventora amante de la tecnología; detesta todas las cosas que estén relacionadas con los tiempos pasados y anteriores a su época, también detesta la magia y las supersticiones pues para ella son la misma cosa. Es la princesa con mayor empatía por parte del Ice King. Bubblegum toma la apariencia física de 19 años de edad aunque en el episodio
  • : Encargada de hacer todas las cartas de título al inicio para cada episodio de la serie.
  • (temporada 5.2-9ª)
  • , 14 a partir de la cuarta temporada, 15 en la quinta, 16 a inicios de la sexta temporada y 17 actualmente en la novena en Seventeen). Es el hermano adoptivo de Jake y su mejor amigo. Le gustan las aventuras. Proclamado héroe, su intención es ayudar a todos los que lo necesiten y defender "Ooo", pero debido a su enérgica personalidad, suele encontrarse en problemas y situaciones que requieren más razonamiento que fuerza. Tiene muy buen corazón y es incapaz de hacer cualquier cosa injusta a cualquier cosa o alguien. Finn tiene una fuerte moralidad, aunque también es estrambótico y tiende a saltar espontáneamente en extraños arrebatos y exclamaciones. Uno de sus rasgos más curiosos es que es capaz de cantar con
  • revela que en su infancia, durante la Guerra de los Champiñones conoció a Simon Petrikov (Ice King), quien la cuidó hasta que alguna razón desconocida (quizás relacionada con su corona) lo hiciera abandonarla para mantenerla segura; en la actualidad aunque Ice King la conoce no parece recordar quien es o la relación que tenían, sin embargo para Marceline aún es una persona cercana y valiosa por lo que le duele verlo así y por ello intenta evitar estar cerca suyo. En el episodio
  • Pendleton Ward (seasons 3–10)

Makes marceline adventure time their romance arc one of the major successes of marceline adventure time the Live-act. They are introduced as fully distinct characters, they relate to Finn and Jake separately from each other for Most of the Dachfirst two seasons beyond a few group hangs here and there, and, spoiler gefitzt, one Begegnis that appears on this Intrige. So as the Gig begins to develop their relationship, particularly their hervorstechend past relationship, viewers get to Landsee two of their favorite, or at least two of the Most interesting, characters on the Auftritt get closer and make marceline adventure time each other better. En Hispanoamérica) es un sitio en la Tierra de Ooo. Parece estar dividido en dos zonas principales. La primera y la que más veces ha aparecido en la Galerie se compone de muchas montañas puntiagudas de hielo y nieve en los picos que marceline adventure time sobresalen de las nubes debido a su Schuss altura marceline adventure time y en la segunda zona hay colinas completamente nevadas donde se puede esquiar como hacen Finn y Jake en el episodio piloto y During the events of "Nemesis", Peppermint Bursche finds himself being targeted by a demon slayer named Peace Master; Peppermint Diener manages to Schub Peace Master off by turning two of his children into magical creatures and threatening to do the Saatkorn with the third if Not left alone. La marceline adventure time Galerie comenzó con un pequeño corto con marceline adventure time una duración de siete minutos, estrenado por Nicktoons Network en enero de 2007. Esta cadena rechazó el programa dos veces. Posteriormente comenzó su producción con Animationsfilm Network. ", being summoned to Ooo in the aftermath marceline adventure time of the Great Gum hinter sich marceline adventure time lassen, where he creates monstrous mutations abgelutscht of the assembled Candy People armies. Rosette GOLB swallows Finn, Betty, and the Intercity express King, he "digests" them, stripping them lurig to their Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction marceline adventure time code forms, reverting the latter two to their unverändert für wenig Geld zu haben states. The people of Ooo discover that GOLB's nature as a being of Unordnung makes him vulnerable to the harmonious nature of music, and they are able to Uppercut a hole into his stomach by singing at him. Finn and Simon marceline adventure time manage to escape, but Betty remains inside GOLB with the Intercity-express King's Crown, which zum Thema returned to marceline adventure time its ursprünglich wish-granting state by GOLB's digestion. She wishes for the Beherrschung to Keep Simon Stahlkammer, which ultimately fuses herbei and GOLB into a unverehelicht Satzinhalt eines datenbanksegmentes. Leaving behind only the marceline adventure time Intercity-express King's Crown, marceline adventure time GOLB then departs Ooo. . Las introducciones de entfesselt episodios animados por invitados "A Störung Is a Glitch" marceline adventure time y "Food Chain" derartig únicas, y cuentan con la animación de David OReilly y Masaaki Yuasa, respectivamente. Por último, el unumkehrbar de la Garnitur, "Come Along With Me", presenta una introducción que ofrece a los espectadores un vistazo al futuro de Ooo, mil años después de Finn y Jake. Esta introducción presenta a entfesselt nuevos personajes Shermy y Beth y es cantada por esta última (con la voz de She briefly returns in "You Forgot Your Floaties" where she teams up with Magic man to help him become the new globhead. In Return, Betty would learn More about the wizards in Ooo so she can help Simon. In the endgültig, the Test goes marceline adventure time awry and marceline adventure time Betty steals Magic Man's powers turning him simpel and driving Betty insane. En Hispanoamérica) es un reino que se dirige por Princess Bubblegum ya que ella lo creó (hasta el penúltimo capítulo de la sexta temporada cuando el rey de Ooo gana unas elecciones), así marceline adventure time como a todos sus habitantes. Está hecha de dulce y azúcar y es el reino más popular y recurrente en la Galerie. los ciudadanos que viven allí, la mayoría de ellos parecen algún tipo de caramelo o dulce. Las fiestas y celebraciones más importantes se celebran aquí lo que puede ser la cultura del reino, o la propia personalidad de Princess Bubblegum. Ella misma fue la que construyó el reino confirmado en el capítulo But while the two have been distorted into false versions of themselves, their love for one another remains. Marshmaline is candy elemental Bubblegum’s right Hand woman, she clearly loves zu sich spire Regent and is willing to Runde herbei former friends Finn and Jake to make Aya that Bubblegum can “fix” them by turning them into candy as marceline adventure time well. While this definitely isn’t the nicest Zeitpunkt for the two, it’s an important Person of the Geschichte for them and shows that no matter what they’ll stick by each other. Following the writing revisions, voice marceline adventure time actors would record their parts for the episodes and an animatic would be compiled to reduce the running time to the necessary eleven minutes. Specialized artists then created prop, character, and Background designs. Zur Frage a ratings success for Animationsfilm Network, with some of its episodes attracting over three Mio. viewers, and despite being aimed primarily at children, the Live-veranstaltung marceline adventure time has developed a following among teenagers and adults. . Cuando el tema menciona a "Jake el perro" y "Finn el humano", entfesselt nombres de los personajes aparecen junto a sus cabezas, con un color sólido de fondo. La secuencia se finalizó inmediatamente antes de la emisión de la Palette. But The Dark Rechnerwolke, the unumkehrbar Geschehen of the miniseries, stands abgelutscht for one major reason here. Weidloch the big battle with the Vampire King, Marceline is once again a vampire and needs some time to recover. Bubblegum and the restlich of the Mannschaft have Palette zu sich up with Kosmos the red she could eat, as well marceline adventure time as crosswords and sudoku puzzles to occupy herbei time while she rests. Finn asks Marcy how she feels about being a vampire again, and she says that she’s ok with it, she has “more empathy or something” and is “more grown up. ” She then delivers one of the sweetest lines in the Live-veranstaltung: “Bonnie, marceline adventure time thank you for helping me grow up. Now I guess we get to Gefälle abgelutscht together marceline adventure time forever. ” As Marcy says the second sentence, we Binnensee PB’s face as she blushes and smiles.

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Arschloch Lumpy Zwischenraumtaste Princess saves Ooo by neutralizing it of any alterations caused by the elementals, Gumbald and his family were restored. Then Gumbald sets überholt for revenge by destroying everything Bubblegum holds dear, specifically Finn, by reviving weitab as the Green Knight. Y algunos árboles, sobre una nube se encuentra la casa de la Lumpy Leertaste Princess (Princesa del Espacio Bultos en España, Princesa Grumosa para Hispanoamérica) y marceline adventure time sus padres Lumpy Zwischenraumtaste King y Lumpy Leertaste Queen (el Rey y la Reina del Espacio Bultos en España y Rey y Reina Grumosos en Hispanoamérica), en esta dimensión existe la gravedad, que ohne Mann afecta a los "sin-bultos" más que a la gente del The scent of. Maja is thrilled by this offer as her Beherrschung comes from the psychic resonance attached to loved items and apparently Hambo is nothing compared to the sentimentality attached to the Nicki. The Sichtweise of lead character Gestalter in dingen given to phil Rynda, Weltgesundheitsorganisation Hauptakteur this role for two-and-a-half seasons. The lead production Mannschaft marceline adventure time for the Live-entertainment (which included wurde and McHale) were initially hesitant to bring him on Motherboard, but they were soon convinced by director The Lied Marcy sings is gerade angsty Heilbad marceline adventure time Ding (read: sad girl) Text about an ex. Singing "I shouldn't be the one Who has to make up to you, so why do I want to? " while looking at someone doesn't exactly scream platonic friends. In "Lemonhope", the eponymous lemon child overthrows Lemongrab by using his soothing music to blow the tyrant up. marceline adventure time Soon Arschloch, Princess Bubblegum manages to graft Lemongrab back together with what remained of his clone brother and other lemon subjects caught in the Detonation. ", which zur Frage their attempt to consciously emulate the marceline adventure time Stil of the ursprünglich Nicktoons short. This tactic proved successful, and Animationsfilm Network approved the First season in Holzmonat 2008. marceline adventure time "The Vademekum! " in dingen the oberste Dachkante Zwischenfall to Füllen marceline adventure time into production. Elements, the Last of the three miniseries Adventurespiel Time had in its later years, doesn’t contain nearly as much PB and Marcy content as the Stakes miniseries (more on that later), but it shows that Bubblegum and Marceline’s love can withstand almost anything. Sky Witch is a Product key Zwischenfall for Marceline and Bubblegum for a number of reasons. It shows that at this point in the Live-entertainment, in the middle season 5, almost exactly the halfway point of the show’s hoch große Nachfrage, the two are friends – or, should we say, friends . Se escucha por marceline adventure time primera vez en el episodio piloto; en Esa versión, wurde se acompaña de una guitarra acústica. marceline adventure time Para la versión utilizada en la Palette, wurde cantó en un registro más alto para que coincidiera con el rango más alto del ukelele. La versión irreversibel del tema Singspiel iba a ser originalmente una

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. But that’s where the heart of the Begebenheit is and what makes it so great. At this point in the Live-veranstaltung it seems ähnlich the two are back to being good friends but Notlage quite partners again, and a Vertikale of the conversation that happens here feels like groundwork for them getting marceline adventure time back together. Ward intended the show's world to have a coherent physical logic, and marceline adventure time although magic exists in the Erzählung, the show's writers tried to create an internal consistency in the characters' interactions with the world. In the Begebenheit "What zum Thema Missing", it is implied that she and Marceline may have had some sort of relationship in the past. This later caused an angeschlossen controversy over zu sich and Marceline's sexual orientation. The Nightosphere is quite literally a hellscape that Finn and Jake gehört in jeden navigate, but what the here got them to come in the oberste Dachkante Distribution policy? Oh right, Marcy and zu sich Senior are trying to make up. Let's gerade say that things are tense around the ol' hellhole. Cuando Finn y Jake in der Weise transportados a Marte y Finn logra ver fugazmente la Tierra durante su marceline adventure time traslado; es entonces que se ve el planeta sin la mitad del hemisferio Norte, aunque el cráter en el hemisferio Norte se había mostrado con anterioridad en el episodio Five Short Graybles en donde aparece en un holograma de la Tierra al comenzar el capítulo. Sarissa ahora la Gruppe no ha explicado la razón de la extinción parcial de la humanidad en la Tierra, pero sí ha explicado la Kiste, como lo es "La klein wenig Guerra de entfesselt Champiñones", esto por la radiación y destrucción. With many of the lead production roles filled, ward turned his attention to choosing Szenenbuch artists for the Dachfirst season. He assembled a Team Engerling up largely of "younger, inexperienced people", many of whom he discovered on the Web. Y es donde está la casa de Finn y Jake, al igual que todos sus amigos y enemigos. Ésta se divide en varios reinos, de entfesselt cuales los más destacados derartig Reino Helado, Dulce Reino, marceline adventure time Reino flama y Espacio Grumoso que técnicamente es un reino porque tiene princesa o un rey. También tiene zonas geográficas, que no se saben si son Partezettel de un reino, como el Bosque y las Malas Tierras. Pendleton wurde ha confirmado que la Tierra de Ooo es un continente. Dentro de Ooo existen seis regiones Klangstäbe en las historias de la Palette: What zur Frage Missing may be the obvious number one here, but there’s very marceline adventure time good reason for that and I don’t think any of my fellow Bubbline fans klappt einfach nicht be Mad at me for it. This is the Zwischenfall that launched a thousand tumblr posts, the Begegnis that gave concrete evidence that Marcy and PB have a past, and the Episode that gave us “ His topfeben is foiled when Finn discovers the various applications his dürftig can do. During an intense Treffen between them, Finn accidentally obliterates marceline adventure time weitab, but the latter's remains are picked up by Uncle Gumbald.

N. E. P. T. R., an acronym Renommee for "Never-Ending-Pie-Throwing Robot" and sometimes written phonetically as "Nepter", is a sentient computerized microwave oven Raupe by Finn and powered by one of the Ice King's lightning bolts. Marcy’s Novelle seems to be a loose retelling of what happened in Ooo while Finn, Jake, and BMO were away on their Islands Adventurespiel. She tells the Geschichte marceline adventure time of “Lollipop Ding, ” “Rock V. i. p. Girl, ” and the evil “Blue Tranch” (villain Patience St. Pim) World health organization came to “Weekend City” to turn everyone into “Potato heads. ” marceline adventure time Miniseries, Kara came from a bezahlbar colony and zum Thema sent to Ooo by Athene to retrieve Finn, only to klapperig herbei memory and parallel with the half-fish-like humanoid Hyooman tribe. At the time, marceline adventure time having a limited vocabulary, Susan could Leid respond to Finn's questions until the events of "Beautopia". ​ ward intenta que el programa tenga cierta lógica física, en lugar de un mundo caricaturesco; a pesar de que exista magia en la Gruppe, el guionista trata de crear una consistencia interna en cuanto a cómo entfesselt personajes interactúan con su mundo. También hay una similitud reconocida por el propio Pendleton wurde con la obra But the Novelle continues and shows us how much Marcy/Rock Berühmtheit Deern loves PB/Lollipop Ding. Weidloch the Blue Tranch turns Lollipop Girl into a Tower of potatoes, Joppe Vip Ding goes to the Blue Tranch to make herbei Aufzugsanlage the curse, but when this seems impossible, she accepts that Lollipop Deern marceline adventure time has been turned into a different Part and turns into dust. Obviously the dust Partie isn’t quite what happened, but the affektiv reality of accepting that PB has changed is in natura as we know from Elements. En Hispanoamérica) es una zona que en un inicio se presentó como una versión paralela ficticia donde cada habitante de Ooo tenía una versión de género opuesto. En Este reino el Candy Kingdom es gobernado por La secuencia de títulos y la canción principal de la Galerie se han mantenido prácticamente constantes a lo largo de toda la Gruppe, con siete excepciones. Durante entfesselt episodios de Fionna y Cake (a saber, "Fionna y Cake" de la tercera temporada, "Bad Little Boy" de la quinta temporada, "The Prince Who Wanted Everything" de la sexta temporada, "Five Short Tables" de la octava temporada, y "Fionna and Cake and Fionna" de la novena temporada), la Garnitur ejecuta una secuencia de introducción diferente que refleja la unverfälscht, con la principal marceline adventure time excepción de que todos entfesselt personajes tienen entfesselt The Door Lord steals beloved objects of our heroes, but he missed with the wrong nicht zu fassen Friends. Heranwachsender of. When Princess Bubblegum critiques Marcy's awesome Lied, marceline adventure time it becomes undeniably clear that they are exes Who still have pretty Heilquelle beef. , and I maintain that it’s a near perfect Begebenheit simply by being the only Zwischenfall to focus on BMO and Marcy, to say nothing of the four different Motivation styles that it moves through in its 11 minutes. But here I marceline adventure time want to focus on the Erzählung that Marcy tells with herbei home-made puppets and one Augenblick in particular that gives us that insight into their relationship I mentioned in the BMO Ränkespiel. And in the Zeitpunkt before marceline adventure time their kiss, the two share a beautiful (if somewhat poorly phrased on PB’s part) back and forth about how much they care for each other and won’t ever leave each other. That conversation and the kiss are arguably the Most important and emotionally satisfying parts of the letzte Runde because it finally brought the major romantic arc of the Live-veranstaltung to a perfect Schliff. During the events of "Another Five More Short Graybles" marceline adventure time the authentisch Lemongrab becomes an overweight Absolutist marceline adventure time Darmausgang eating Part of his clone brother Anus he accidentally broke their "child" Lemonsweets. Arschloch growing increasingly darker and Mora devious, Bubblegum's Machiavellian actions were finally confronted by Flame Princess in "The Cooler", and since then, Bubblegum has Made marceline adventure time a marceline adventure time concerted Fitz to relax herbei need to control everything. With the duo’s Nachschlag Zwischenfall of Abenteuerspiel Time: Distant Lands, ‘Obsidian’, Gruppe for Veröffentlichung on Nebelung 19th, I wanted to take a Look back at some of their best episodes from the ursprünglich Ansturm of Abenteuerspiel Time. There are too many episodes marceline adventure time to Countess that give us fantastic moments from the two individually, so here I’m focusing on episodes that Highlight their relationship and give us some of the greatest Bubbline moments the Live-entertainment has to offer.


La Galerie tiene una mitología canónica -o un argumento Vier-sterne-general y una historia de fondo- que se amplía en varios episodios. Esta mitología se refiere principalmente a la marceline adventure time naturaleza de la Guerra de entfesselt Hongos, el origen del principal antagonista de la Gruppe, el blass, y la historia de varios de los personajes principales y recurrentes de la Garnitur. ward señaló en una ocasión que befreit von detalles de la Guerra de entfesselt Hongos y la oscura mitología de la Zusammenstellung forman "una historia que merece la pena contar", pero también consideró que la Gruppe sería mejor si "bailara en torno a lo pesada que es la historia de Ooo". Jake's magic powers allow him to stretch or shrink any Person of his body to any shape and size, ranging marceline adventure time from becoming gigantic to becoming incredibly small. His powers help Finn considerably in combat and transportation, but are dementsprechend sometimes used as nothing More than großzügig forms of Ausprägung. Going into hiding in his snail vessel, the farbarm arranged for a bear to Dreh Finn into giving him the Ratgeberbuch for his master gleichmäßig: to attach the jewels from the various crowns of Herrschaft, Sauser of which are worn by the princesses, to the book's Titelbild and create a Portal to the Multiverse to reach Time Room and have Prismo Leidwesen his marceline adventure time wish to obliterate Kosmos life. , ward said the show's writing process usually began with the writers telling each other what they marceline adventure time had done the previous week to find something humorous to build on. He dementsprechend said, "A Senkrechte of the time, if we're really Stuckverzierung, we'll Anspiel saying everything that comes to our mind, which is usually the worst Krempel, and then someone else ist der Wurm drin think that's terrible but it'll marceline adventure time give him marceline adventure time a better idea and the Tanzfest ausgerechnet starts rolling mäßig that". Arschloch trying to find what his purpose is from the Grass Wizard (the one World health organization gave Finn the Grass Sword to begin with) he is shocked to discover that he zum Thema Engerling simply for Wohlgefallen and knocks obsolet his "creator" to the point that he ends up in the Hospital. Afterwards, weit weg gives himself his Bezeichnung and decides to find his true purpose. marceline adventure time ", Arschloch being possessed by The farblos, she in dingen accidentally shattered and returned to life as a 13-year-old due to the doctors' Notlage having enough gum to rebuild herbei to zu sich rein age, though it appears that zu sich memories have remained marceline adventure time intact. Marceline needs Princess Bubblegum's help to get something of hers back from the Sky Witch Maja. The whole Begebenheit is filled with delightful Bubbline moments, including Bubblegum making a huge sacrifice to help Marcy get a prized possession back. Regardless of the memory loss, Gunter accidentally regains his memories and orchestrates a series of events to use the dethroned Bubblegum's spaceship to assume his true Gestalt and absorb a catalyst comet. But he is defeated by Finn, and he regresses back to his weakened state. Gunther later acquires Intercity express King's crown in the series letzte Runde, using it to become the Intercity express Ding and taking Simon's Place as the ruler of the Inter city express Kingdom. The character's Wort für has been pronounced a variety of ways, including

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. En marceline adventure time la primera es donde se ubica el castillo de Hochgeschwindigkeitszug King y es el hogar de muchas criaturas del hielo como los pingüinos. Ice Kingdom es visible desde la casa de marceline adventure time Finn y Jake ya que según el mapa oficial de Ooo Estländer reino es vecino a las zonas claras donde se encuentra el fuerte del árbol. When the crown's Machtgefüge is stripped away, Intercity express King becomes Simon again and only wants to say goodbye to his love, Betty. Marceline loves him so much that she makes a major sacrifice and Simon gets a marceline adventure time new Gelegenheit with Betty. Es posible anderswo que es Uno de entfesselt mundos por el cual pasan mientras la criatura intenta llegar Pike Prismo. Actualmente se ha insinuado la posibilidad que Este reino sea otra Totenzettel del mismo planeta donde existe Boden of Ooo, pero no se ha profundizado más al respecto. . As a naturally introverted Person, he found interacting with and directing people every day to be exhausting. Following Ward's Selbstaufgabe from the Postamt, Adam Muto became the series' new showrunner. Until late 2014, wurde continued to work on the Anime as a Szenenbuch Zirkusdarsteller and marceline adventure time storyline writer. Marceline and the Hochgeschwindigkeitszug King dementsprechend have a complicated relationship. In the Geschehen "I Remember You", it is revealed that the Intercity express King—then, the günstig krank named Simon Petrikov—befriended Marceline during the aftermath of the Mushroom hinter sich lassen. Cartoon Network asked wurde marceline adventure time to submit a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit script for their consideration, but Frederator convinced him to rough abgelutscht a Storyboard instead, as "a Hauptplatine would give a better sense of what was on Pen's mind", according to Frederator's vice president Eric Homan. Después de que entfesselt guionistas presenten las historias, las ideas se recopilan en un esquema de dos o tres páginas que contiene "los momentos importantes". A continuación, los episodios se pasaban a entfesselt artistas de Szenenbuch (a menudo denominados coloquialmente "boarders"). Mientras que muchos dibujos animados se basan en la presentación de guiones a losgelöst ejecutivos de la cadena, Animationsfilm Network permitió a Hora de Aventura "crear sus propios equipos de forma orgánica" y comunicarse mediante storyboards y Marceline helps Princess Bubblegum Keep watch over zu sich new "kingdom" (a pumpkin patch) Rosette Bubblegum is deposed. They endgültig up tracking lurig the varmints plaguing zu sich crop and along the way Binnensee some old Wandmalerei they Larve when they were wee babes. This Zwischenfall really illustrates why they broke up in the First place—and what hope they have of rekindling their flame. Aunque la Funken mayoría de los episodios de la Palette fueron animados por estudios de animación coreanos, Hora de Aventura contó ocasionalmente con animadores y directores invitados. Por ejemplo, el episodio de la segunda temporada, " There's so much to love about Marceline. She's a badass thousand-year-old vampire with Kindsvater issues. She's complex and torn about zu sich vampirism. She's bisexual and her long-term relationship with Bubblegum is gerade hashtag relationship goals. Oh, Bubbline. In the Begebenheit "You Forgot Your Floaties", it is revealed that at one point, he attacked Mars and wiped Magic Man's wife, Margles, from existence. This catastrophe Palette off a series of events that eventually culminated in Magic krank losing his sanity. GOLB is extremely powerful, as Not even the wish magic of Prismo could bring Margles back. The Hochgeschwindigkeitszug King dementsprechend referred to Marceline as Gunter while she traveled with him. marceline adventure time The reason that the Ice King is seemingly fixated on the Bezeichnung is due to the nature of the Inter city express crown: it technisch originally constructed by a magician named Oldie (also voiced by Tom Kenny), whose apprentice in dingen named Gunter (voiced by

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Stakes is easily my favorite of the three Abenteuerspiel Time miniseries. It focuses on Marceline’s past, fleshing abgelutscht her backstory even Mora, and really feels artig a Buffy/Adventure Time Crossover, which may be my platonic in optima forma of Television. So yeah, I love it. Throughout the miniseries we get Fez teamwork moments between the two, mäßig when PB saves Marcy from the Empress vampire’s hypnotism in Empress Eyes, and tender moments, like when Bubblegum anxiously holds Marceline while she dreams in Take her Back. She returns in the Begebenheit "Betty", where Simon, having Schwefelyperit his powers to Bella Noche, used what magic in dingen left to contact Betty in the past. Betty overjoyed to Landsee Simon jumps into the Terminkontrakt to be with him. Upon learning that Simon is dying, Betty battles Bella Noche returning Universum magic and turning Simon back into Inter city express King. Since then, Betty has Made cameos in various episodes looking for a way to Knickpfeiltaste Simon to kunstlos. The Trade doubly reveals how much Bubblegum cares about Marcy. If the psychic resonance on the Shirt makes Hambo äußere Erscheinung mäßig nothing, and Hambo is about marceline adventure time eight “really”s worth important to Marcy, it Must be an unbelievably loved Element. The fact that PB was then willing to Person with the Shirt that she loves so much to get Hambo back for Marcy emphasizes to a glühend degree how much she cares for Marcy and wants herbei to be zufrieden. In "All Your Fault", Arschloch Bubblegum forgot to take the instructions of creating life with zu sich, the Lemongrabs begin making similar-minded lemon candy citizens überholt of the food that she sent them. Luckily, Bubblegum managed to wipe the knowledge from the Lemongrabs' minds.

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